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• Rifle sighted in 2 inches high at 100 yards.
• We recommend the biggest gun you feel comfortable shooting.
• 40 rounds of ammunition, preferably the same as you have already practiced with.
• A pair of quality binoculars preferably waterproof, 10x40s are the best.
• A BIC lighter.
• One good hunting knife.
• One good day pack, keep your daypack light, the guides have the tools necessary to field dress your game.
• 2 head lamps
• Camera
• If you wear contacts or glasses, try to bring an extra set.
• Personal items - washcloth, toothbrush, chapstick, deodorant, prescriptions, headache medicine, and any other personal items we may have missed.
• Sleeping bag that is good down to 10° below zero.
• Rain gear preferably not plastic, as it is very noisy and rips easily.
• Good pair of leather boots already broken in with Vibram or Air Bob soles, Pack Boots or inslated boots for our late season hunts.
• A pair of shoes for around camp such as slippers, house shoes, tennis shoes etc.
• A good sealed water bottle.
• Early in September you will need clothing that will serve double duty. Most often while riding before daylight the temperature will be below freezing sometimes in the single digits. However, by early afternoon it can reach 90°. In the high mountains the weather can change quickly. Don't be surprised if the beginning of your hunt is hot and we wind up in the snow.
• For later hunts in October you will need to bring warmer clothes, wool or polar fleece are the best.
• All of your gear should fit in one duffle bag weighing 80lbs. Not including your sleeping bag. Please no bags longer than 36 inches.
• 1-18 pack beer, one box of wine or liquor of choice.
• Any special medications need to be kept in your daypack.

If you are in question about anything else or would like specific clothing
recommendations please contact Ron Ens.



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